Monday, November 9, 2009

Communication is a Gift

Good communication is a gift. A gift that can be learnt and continually improved. The ability to learn the arts of Listening, thinking & speaking can help you socially, at home with your family and most certainly professionally. Most of us can speak well, but to articulate our thoughts and opinions in the best possible way enables your audience to listen to you and take notice of not just what you said but also of you. It builds respect, enhances your ability as a leader and most importantly makes you a good listener a thinker. Priceless virtues. I learnt and improved most of these qualities when I joined the Toastmasters Organisation, a not for profit International Organisation that dedicates it self to helping its members to learn the important arts of listening , thinking and speaking... So don’t leave this page and take no action, if you think the gift of communication can help you with your career or personal life to be more fulfilling, Google the closest Toastmasters club to your home or workplace and give them a call. You will not be disappointed with your decision


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with Dinesh.The I Ching says "there is always something ponderous and one sided about the learning of the self taught"; learning the art of communication with Toastmasters allows you to try things out in a non-threatenig and encouraging atmosphere. Highly recommended. Ian

  2. Thanks Ian for your comment.. Yes Toastmasters certainly provide a non threatening environment

  3. I joined Toastmasters around 6 years ago and I'm so glad I did. I wasn't the shy type by any means, but I must say.....despite not being shy I have gained so much from being involved in my club and taking on leadership roles. I can put together an effective speech, and I can motivate others into working toward a common goals. I have had to make decisions in my higher level leadership roles that have I would never have been exposed to previously. I've also had great mentors along the way. The skill I have developed in Toastmasters are perfect for the work environment and have certainly given my career a major boost.
    Donna Pace