Wednesday, December 2, 2009

8 Steps to build a Social Media Strategy for the Individual

Most Australian organisations are coming to terms with Social Media while individuals around the world are enjoying the benefits provided by social media platforms, at a personal and social level.

I am a firm believer that an effective approach to social media can help you professionally by letting you voice your distinctive capabilities to an audience previously not within your reach. Facebook today reaches over 300 Million People and that's a bigger market than the whole of the EU or US. With Twitter & LinkedIn numbers increasing by the minute if not second your audience is getting bigger by the day and your accessibility is all at your finger tips.

So how do you build a successful strategy? and be distinctive? and NOT one of 300 Million creating idle noise.
Here are 8 steps that will help you build an effective Personal Social Media Strategy.

1. Establish what your core capability is? And how will you pitch it in say 140 characters max?
Mine for example:  "A Specialist in building & transforming ICT & related businesses. Passionate in helping companies & its people achieve success through new and innovative thinking".

2. Determine who your audience is? E.g. Age group, Head hunters? Industry contacts ?, Geography?

3. What’s the goal: e.g.: New Job, Personal Brand Awareness, Sell something

4. How well does the audience currently perceive you & what changes do you want to achieve...
(Your objective is to have the majority of your audience be enthusiastic advocates of your self or service but we all have to start somewhere so this is an audit)

5. Which social Media Platforms does your audience use, & why? e.g.: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs etc

6. What’s your defining quality you want to be known for: Steve Jobs = Supremely Innovative Business Leader. Mine ="Innovative thinker & Leader" (long way to go to becoming supreme :-) )

7. How will you personalise your self and your offering. Be your self this is not about logo's it's about people, remember it's social media.

8. Be SMART - What metrics will you measure success (specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Specific)
e.g.: How many Blog visits, No of comments, followers, web site visits, How many offers / Sales made

You are now ready to choose your social media platforms and act upon it. Set a date and time and get down to doing your social media strategy using the points above it will be time well spent.

Dinesh De Silva,  Contact: twitter: @dineshdesilva , vial LinkedIN: DineshDeSilva, Would love to hear your thoughts on the above,  leave a note below in the comment section. Happy to assist Not for Profit organisations, pro bono.

This blog was written using a variety of principles and concepts. In particular I found Jay Baer work in this area to be valuable I reccomend you read his blog and advice for companies to build a social media strategy as I have used several of his concepts here and deserve a lot of credit.

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  1. Great POST Dinesh............ Hope you have great success in building a social media platform.